Softland ERP Human Resources & Payroll


At Softland we know all companies have different resources that allow them to function and accomplish their goals. The resource that creates the greatest value for organizations is their talent; therefore, it needs an excellent management.

Through several tools, Softland ERP Human Resources & Payroll allows you to flexibly manage all calculations involved in payroll processes, as well as key human resources actions, such as recruiting and selection, evaluation, training and files.

  • Human Resources
  • Payroll Control
  • Vacation Control
  • Personnel Portal
  • Talent Management
  • Allows the registration and control of information related to collaborators.
  • Creates catalogs to specify academic degrees, absences, contracts, and personnel actions.
  • Defines different types of payrolls within the same company.
  • Calculates payrolls independently and in association with cost centers and accounts required by the company.
  • Facilitates the generation and processing of vacation requests.
  • Uses a yearly vacation balance as well as an extra vacation balance, so companies can control additional vacation days due to bonuses, rewards or seniority.
  • Allows entering and verifying vacation balances, as well as consulting, generating, rejecting and approving requests.
  • Interactively processes and manages key human resources actions.
  • Manages recruiting and selection, training and performance evaluation processes.
  • Readily and precisely registers and controls workers’ attendance.
  • Integration with your system’s financial and operations modules.
  • Full payroll control.
  • Proof of income letters and yearly income certifications.
  • Creditors discount.
  • Overtime calculations.
  • Disability leaves control.