Line of Business

At Softland, we provide highly customized management solutions for a wide variety of specific industries to help you achieve your objectives. We understand the major needs and requirements of your industry, since our extensive experience in these industries has given us the possibility of a deeper understanding of the heart of your business.

  • Softland ERP is an ideal solution to meet the import and distribution needs of businesses because it completely covers your business cycle from managing purchase orders (local and imports) through a robust inventory management that considers multiple warehouses, locations, batches, series and costing in dollars and in local currency to flexible billing that takes place from different channels or under various conditions, according to the client’s needs. Modules such as Mobile Sales, Business Intelligence and Sales Statistics are strategic in this industry and are a comprehensive part of Softland ERP solution. | Request More Information

  • Softland ERP offers a complete solution for companies selling to end customers at commercial premises and requiring a strict cost and inventory control, agile and efficient billing and collection and everything to be really integrated with the rest of the company’s systems. Customers can centrally check the rules of the business for all their premises but points of sale may work independently if they wish to do so. Softland ERP will provide valuable information on sales, volume and margins of the various points of sale and lines of business at all times. | Request More Information

  • Softland ERP actually integrates administrative management with costs control by project, which makes it a convenient solution for construction companies and subcontractors. Inventory transactions, labor, invoices for costs and expenses and even subcontracts, among others, are recorded only once and they not only feed the implementation of the project, which you can compare against the registered budget, but also the operational/administrative implementation and accounting records. In this way, Softland ERP allows getting a real vision that is in line with the progress in terms of costs of different projects, as well as complete administrative and accounting management without the need of re-typing information. | Request More Information

  • Softland ERP is an excellent solution for companies that operate in different countries of the region, which need efficient and well-controlled functioning that complies with the tax, labor and legal requirements of each country. Some examples of these requirements are handling taxes, the compulsory use of electronic invoices or fiscal printers, and the rules of employment, which should cover payroll calculation and various electronic or physical reports to be delivered to different entities. Softland ERP is adapted to these requirements in each of the countries where it works, allowing customers’ full adherence to them through a single system and without having to invest in complementary products. | Request More Information

  • Softland provides very useful solutions for companies under a free trade zone system that require detailed control on purchases, inventories, fixed assets and payroll in local currency and in U.S. dollars, not only for business purposes, but also to comply with the information requirements of this kind of systems. This functionality can be harnessed in the event that a company uses our ERP in full or any other system provided by their enterprise. | Request More Information

  • Softland ERP offers a comprehensive solution to companies that manufacture products as it provides modules for designing and costing of products, control of production orders, record of production master plans and exploding materials. Information derived from the processes of these modules automatically generates records such as accounting entries and inventory transactions, thus achieving a natural integration and allowing a comprehensive management of production and costing. | Request More Information

  • Softland ERP enables comprehensive management processes to services companies such as billing and collection services, purchase and inventory of supplies, accounting financial management, budget management and payroll control. Commercial management and billing flexibility by various means, including electronic invoicing, are very useful for these companies. The possibility offered by Softland ERP to associate revenue and costs to strategic business units allows these companies to know their return depending on the type of service they provide and increase it by means of proper management. | Request More Information

  • Softland ERP has characteristics that are especially useful for companies that produce or distribute foodstuffs, either medical or pharmacological, for human or animal consumption. These products require traceability and tracking features which are present in our solution, for example detailed management of lots, registration and follow-up of specifications, expiration dates and quarantine controls, among others. | Request More Information

  • Softland provides trade schemes to ease the work of companies that provide outsourcing services for processes such as accounting and payroll calculation. In this way, the service provider ensures that the system covers the necessary legal and functional requirements and that it provides the required support to ensure the continuity of its customer’s business. | Request More Information

  • Softland ERP offers important business options for real-estate companies such as monitoring project costs and handling subcontracts at the development stage, as well as repetitive billing of contracts and maintenance management at the real estate management stage. The possibility of managing detailed fixed assets, analyzing the company’s management by projects or business units and carrying out a detailed budget control are all important features for which Softland’s experience is very broad. | Request More Information